Rental Phones

Don't have an unlocked international cell phone and don't feel like buying one?  We now offer rental phones at great reduced rental rates!  So low, that you can rent a phone for up to 25 days for free!

 Rental Rates
1 - 5 days 6 - 25 days 26 - 45 days 46 day+
$7.00 / day $3.50 / day $2.50 / day $2.00 / day

Please Note:  When you rent an international cell phone it will include a Global Roaming SIM Card, not a local Italy SIM card!  HOWEVER: You will be able to purchase a local Italy SIM card (yours to keep) duringhe rental reservation process, which will be shipped with your rental phone.

Click here to rent your international cell phone!

Rental services provided by:
Telestial, Inc
US Toll Free:  (800) 707-0031
International:  +1 213 337 5560